Dienstag, 5. November 2013


So, first of all I am starting to continue this blog in english. Second, I have to sell some stuff. My flat is crowded with stuff which needs a new owner, most of the times because I have it multiple times.
Thus I will update this posting with some stuff, just write my an email if you are interested in one of the articles or comment here. I hope you enjoy the crappy pictures.

Polaroid packfilm backs
- zwo Mamyia RZ67
- two Hasselblad backs
- Contax Polaroid Back MFB-2
- Proback II Canon
- backs I don't know the name of :)
I also sell just the adapters without the back.

- rare Impulse effect filter twice
- ISO3000->ISO100 filter for polaroid 110A
- Image/Spectra filter set, filters also fit in the SX70 accessoir holder

a lot of
- flashcubes (not on the picture
- magiccubes
- flashbars

SX70 stuff, mostly flashes
- three times Polatronic Flash for SX70AF
- Regula Variant 1071 for SX70AF
- Regula Variant 1070 for SX70AF
The Regula is the kind of Flash the Mintbar wanted to be. It is bigger than a mintbar but it works so much better. The 1071 is a little bit thinner then the 1071

- Braun SX70 Flash. Works the same than a polatronic. I have the adapter cable for a SX70, but there are some SX70AF cables around. I have the Braun three times, WTF? BUY IT. It's better than a Polatronic, no tripod adapter needed to hold properly.
- Argus electronic flash
- a flash which looks like the Argus but is smaller
Both flashes are equiped on the bottom of the SX70. Not as small as the Regulars but if you use them, you then get a tripod adapter (if your SX70 doesn't have one)

- two BADASS Unomats'SX70 flash for the normal SX70. The best you can have. You put it on the top of your SX70 almost as fast as a flash bar, it is very strong, and in my opinion even more awesome than a Regula. The third one I own is the reason why I never use my mintbar.

Almost all flashes are compatible to OneStep, 1000 and so on. When I have time I will add some (good lol) pictures with the flashes on a camera

- A THOUSAND SX70 bags. I have another bigger box with bags. Buy someone one, two or three for christmas!

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