Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

The new black and white film by impossible

Suddenly in 2013, Impossible black and white Pictures started to fade to orange again. Thus people had to start again, removing the pads and additionally use a dry age kit. Except of this, the new BW-film has had a great quality for some time now.

Impossible announced itsnew film some hours ago, not any longer with Ilford as a partner (they were blamed for the sepia/orange problem).
You can guess which two pictures were shot with a SX70AF modified to fixed aperture 8 on the old film and which by an iphone5 and an instant lab (thanks Julius for the shot).
Somehow the new film looks too perfect for me but perhaps it's the different camera. So hurry up and get some new films for testing. I'll do it tomorrow.

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