Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

the pictures never gonna have peace until we removed all the tanks

As I was writing some weeks ago, impossible changed it's recipe for their PX600 and PX100, now called B&W Film for 600. I tried it today in my SX70 AF with fixed aperture 8, flash and aperture control was the same. So what we see is that the white in the new film is much brighter and the black much darker, it seems like there's a smaller aperture tollerance. Also it needs a little bit less light and for me the old generation film (this time 05/13) looks a little bit more dirty/analog/callitwhatyouwant. 

Unfortunately it seems that we still have to remove tanks and sponge, here a picture some weeks (four?) old.

the pictures never gonna have peace
until we removed all the tanks

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  1. :( sorry to read that !
    it seems the controlled silver diffusion process is a real difficult one and still needs optimization !